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Parametrized Reset Values

April 19, 2009

For some odd reason some designers refuse to use parametrized blocks. I have no idea what are the reasons for such an opinion, but here is a good example why one would want to decide for the usage of parameters.

Imagine you need to design a block, which will be used several times throughout the design. The problem is, that each instance might need to have different reset values to some of its internal flops.
One (wrong) possibility is to define an extra input, which will in turn be connected as the reset value – but this is not something you’d like to do (why??)

The better option is to send the reset value as a parameter, which if it wasn’t clear by now, is the way to go.


Puzzle #14 – Multipliers

April 14, 2009

Here is an interview question that was circulating some of the message boards lately.
Can you create a 4×4 multiplier with only 2×2 multipliers at hand?

post your answers as a comment to this post.