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Real World Examples #5 – Clock Divider by 5

August 26, 2009

Here is a neat little circuit that was used in an actual project a long, long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away…).

The requirement was to build a divide by 5 circuit for the clock with 50% duty cycle. The initial (on reset) behavior was not important – i.e. the circuit could wake up in an undefined state, but should have settled after a given time. The engineer produced the circuit below:


Basically, the circuit is made out of a 3-bit counter, that counts from 000 to 100 and then resets. Signal ‘X’ goes high when the value of the counter is either 000, 001 or 010. Signal ‘Y’ goes high when the counter equals its ‘middle’ state 010. ‘Z’ is a sample on the falling edge of ‘Y’ in order to generate the 50% duty cycle.

So far so good. The general thinking was OK, but there was a major problem with the circuit, can you discover what it was? How would you fix it in RTL? and more important, how would you fix it in an ECO (as it was eventually done)?

No extra flops are allowed!