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Puzzle #10 – Mux Logic – Solution

May 29, 2008

Puzzle #10 – Mux Logic, still didn’t get an official solution so here goes.
If you are not familiar with the puzzle itself, as usual I ask you to follow the link and reread its description.

To solve this puzzle let’s first take a look at the combinational parts of the circuits. If we could build an OR gate and a NOT gate from MUXes it would be enough to make any combinational circuit we wish (this is because OR and NOT are a complete logic system, same as AND and NOT, or just NOR or NAND).
The figure below shows how to build NOT, OR and AND gates from a single MUX.

Next in line we have to somehow build the flipflop in the circuit. We could build a latch from a single MUX quite easily if we feedback the output to one of the MUX inputs. The figure below will make everything clearer. Notice that we could easily construct a latch which is transparent while its clock input is high or low by just changing the input the feedback wire is connected to.
We then use two latches, one transparent low the other transparent high to construct a flipflop.

As a final note, some use the versatility of the MUX structure to their advantage by spreading MUX structures as spare cells. Later if an ECO is needed one can build combinational as well as sequential elements just from those single MUX structures.