Closing the Gap Between ASIC and Custom

November 8, 2008

I don’t know why I did not came across this wonderful, wonderful (maybe I should add another “wonderful”…) book before.

First here is a link to the book’s site and an amazon link – and for those who are interested in a short overview, this short summery from DAC should give a hint what it is all about.

The book is mostly about increasing performance of your circuits. It surveys many techniques, problems and ideas (some are not fully supported by major EDA tools). It doesn’t matter really if you use these techniques or not – you will learn a lot about “closing the gap” (at least I did).

This gets my full recommendation and endorsement (if anybody cares about my opinion … 🙂 )



  1. On a similar note, you might be interested in a paper called “Measuring the Gap Between FPGAs and ASICs” which I thought was an interesting read.

  2. Book link which you placed in your post is good.
    Book website is good and very informative.

  3. Hi,
    Looks like I have problem in accessing the document. Please send another link…thanks in advance!

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