This site is a “T-log”

August 1, 2008

I thought about it for a while and I would humbly like to introduce a new word to the English language – the word is T-log (pronounced tee-log) – a short for Technical blog. I am by the way aware that there are other uses for the acronym TLOG.

So why do I make such a big fuss about using the word “T-log” and why do I consider this site (and some others) a T-log rather than a blog?
Well, the main reason is that surfing the web for technical related blogs, you will find a lot of informative sites which deal with opinions (e.g “behind the scenes” issues, industry news or just giving their opinions on this or that topic), but the pure technical content is not there. This is actually great and this is what makes these blogs interesting to read.
However, this site is not like that. I try to give almost only technical information in the form of digital design techniques and to contribute from my own personal experience (maybe because I am too dry and can’t generate interesting posts as other bloggers do).

The bottom line is that I prefer this site not to be called a blog but rather something else – so I experiment with coining the word tlog – who knows maybe this will catch up and we will soon see a wikipedia entry… just don’t forget where you saw this first…

To wrap things up, let me recommend a cool t-log making its first steps on the web. It is run by a regular reader of this t-log who decided he also has something to say – check him out here: ASIC digital arithmetic.


One comment

  1. Funny you should post this.

    I was speaking to a fellow “blogger”, Karen Bartleson, just the other day about our favorite EDA/ASIC blogs and I mentioned yours. I even pointed out to her that it was very different from the others due to the amount and quality of the technical content.

    I’ve forwarded several of your posts to colleagues. In fact, late yesterday, I forwarded an article you had referenced on Polymorphic circuits in your recent post.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to remember you are the person who coined the term “TLOG”.

    harry the ASIC guy

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