Low Power Methodology Manual

May 24, 2008

I recently got an email from Synopsys. It was telling me I can download a personalized copy of a “Low Power Methodology Manual”. Now, to tell you the truth, I sometimes get overly suspicious of those emails (not necessarily from Synopsys) and I didn’t really expect to find real value in the manual – boy, was I wrong, big time!

Here you get a very nice book (as pdf file), which has extremely practical advice. It does not just spend ink on vague concepts – you get excellent explanations with examples. And mind you, this is all for free.

Just rush to their site and download this excellent reference book that should be on the table of each digital designer.

The Synopsys link here.

The hard copy version can be bought here or here.


  1. Thank you. I was not aware that this was available for free download. I know several of the authors from when I worked at Synopsys and they are all top-notch people…I’m not surprised that this is a great read and full of practical info.

    It is becoming more common these days for books to be available free online, usually for a limited time. See the following Long Tail Blog post by Chris Anderson or this previous post. They make a strong case that free books are a great way to increase real sales. I just wonder how long it will be offered free.

    Mike Keating’s previous book, the reuse Methodology Manual, is also a must read if you are doing design reuse.

  2. I really see it as a blessing that more good books become available online.
    One also has to think of the “life expectancy” of a book in our industry. We are moving forward with ever increasing large steps, tools and methodologies change pretty fast (talking about power gating 7 years ago was considered heresy! If you were clock gating part of your design this was considered a major project risk).

    Book authors don’t have the time to let their book become known, they have to use whatever means possible to bring it into the knowledge of the end users ASAP. Publishing it online (or at least parts of it) is a strategy that benefits both sides.

    just my two cents…

  3. FYI … Mike Keating’s Low Power Talk from SNUG has now been posted on the SynopsysOC website.

  4. Hi

    Thanks. I haven’t synopsys customer exactly, are there any way o read this book for me ? I can’t download it because I haven’t SolvNet access.

  5. Hi,
    I am also interested in getting a copy but don’t have solvnet access. Can it be obtained via pdf anywhere else?
    Peter T.

  6. I bought the book at Amazon. This book is really good, unfortunately I don’t have the chance to apply the concepts shown in that book, since I don’t work at 90nm or below 😦
    For your info, the Authors came to Munich (at DATE 08, March 10th ~ 14th 2008), and were signing books.

  7. hey friends , if anyone have link to free download of this pdf….please give me …..i don’t have solvnet access.

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