Everything About Scan

September 28, 2007

Back from vacation…

I really wanted to devote a set of posts on scan and its importance for us digital designers. I planned, wrote up a list of topics and problems I wanted to highlight, reworked everything and then searched the web…

Dang! Somebody already did it better and clearer than I could have ever done that!

All I can do is recommend on reading and re-reading those two articles – It will pay off. Links follow…

Part 1
Part 2



  1. I tried to download the part1 and part2 links but its not letting me to do and asking for a password from EDN. Do we need an account on EDN for this.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Both links worked perfectly yesterday. Seems a little bit suspicious that now they are removed or at least require registration.
    My apologies for that. I will try to search a bit to see if I could link to another source.
    That is really a shame cause there were some real solid advice and ideas inside those two articles.

  3. Just tried again and it seems to work now…

  4. Hi Nir,
    Great post, I would call it “All you wanted to know about scan and were afraid to ask”
    Toda raba, Radu Horodniceanu

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