The Ultimate Interview Question for Logic Design – A Mini Challenge

July 9, 2007

I had countless interviews, with many different companies, large corporations and start ups. For some reason in almost all interviews, which were done in Israel, a single question popped up more often than others (maybe it is an Israeli High-Tech thing…).

Design a clock divide-by-3 circuit with 50% duty cycle

The solution should be easy enough even for a beginner designer. Since this is such a popular question, and since I am getting a decent amount of readers lately, I thought why not make a small challenge – try to find a solution to this problem with minimum hardware.

Please send me your solutions by email – can be found on the about me page.


  1. hi i want solution for ths prob if you can

  2. You need to utilize a combination of positive & negative edge triggered flip flops and a couple of combinational gates.

  3. Hi,
    I have two solutions: One that needs two registers but may introduce glitches (bc the clock is used in datapath) and another one that requires 5 in total.
    The latter idea is to take a sequence of 6 input clock cycles. Generate two clk/2 clocks (one by using pos. edge triggered FFs and one by using neg. edge triggered FFs) By using the cycle number and the two shifted clock/2 signals i was able to get a glitch free clk/3 output. Any better solution?
    I actually used this exercise as a vhdl/testbench example in my internship report for the university 🙂
    Thx for the inspiration

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  5. […] 8, 2008 It has been a while since we had a challenge question on the site (last one was the divide by 3 question), and I would like to have more of those in the future. I will basically pose a problem and ask you […]

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