Non-Readable Papers

June 19, 2007

I actually enjoy surfing the web and reading technical papers which are somewhat related to my work. A lot of the good stuff appears in books, but if you want to find the coolest techniques and breakthrough ideas, they naturally first appear in technical papers.

I have to admit I don’t like the format used by the standard technical papers, some of them seem to be made non-readable on purpose. Here is a real paper that can compete for the dubious title of being the most non-readable paper around.

Here is one of my papers. Before you continue, stop and try digesting what was written…

If you made through the first page, consider yourself a hero. That “technical paper” was generated automatically using SCIgen.

I bet a lot of people would be impressed if you present a list of papers generated by this service. A sort of a high-tech “emperor’s new cloths” syndrome – no one wants to admit he doesn’t understand a technical paper describing some “major” work in his own field…

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