First Post…

May 9, 2007

Hi, I really suck in writing so I will get straight to the point.
This weblog will mainly be of interest to fellow Electrical Engineers with emphasis on the different aspects of Digital Design.
I will try to contribute from my experience and understanding and try to present some tips, tricks and just plain cool ideas from my field. Some things will be relatively basic, other more advanced.
In general, I intend to update the site once a week or so, since most stuff will be technical it would be quite hard to come up with something new each day – that, plus the fact that I am lazy…

Hopefully in time a small database of goodies will be accumulated.
I will certainly make mistakes and sometimes even post complete nonsense, so I hope you guys will correct me and be understanding.


p.s. I also admit the name “Adventures in ASIC Digital Design” is pretty lame but I just couldn’t come up with something better.

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